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Whether you like to shop for shoes online or in-store, there’s a strategy that will make your shopping trips more fruitful. From saving money to reducing stress, the right tips and tricks will help you get the job done. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below.

Before shopping for shoes online, visit a shoe store to find the shoe size you need. Due to the many styles of shoes available, it is important to try on a pair of shoes before purchasing. In addition to your shoe size, make sure you get the correct width.

Gladiator-inspired cutout boots are a big trend this fall and winter. Like the gladiator sandals that have been popular for the past couple of seasons, these boots should be paired with an understated outfit. Don’t overdo it. Just let the fashion-forward details on these stylish shoes shine.

Do you understand foot pronation? A shoe salesman who does can help you choose a shoe that will protect you if your foot pronates while walking. Pronation is caused by weak tendons and muscles around the ankle. When your foot pronates, it allows your ankle to lean out. This is one of the main causes of ankle injuries.

Always try on your shoes with the same type of sock or stocking that you will wear when putting on your shoes. If you try on the shoes with the small disposable pediatric ones at the store, they may not match the socks you usually wear. Your shoes may not fit when you take them home.

Try on a size before you buy. Too many people obsess over the number on their shoes, but what you need to focus on is staying in shape. The problem with relying on number sizes is that the numbers vary by brand. Sometimes the numbers vary within a brand depending on the types of shoes they make.

If you see a pair of shoes you really like in the store, try to resist the urge to buy it right away. . Write down the information and consult online. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper you can buy shoes at a store that has little overhead.

When you need cowboy boots, don’t go hunting down the typical retailers, no matter how extensive their selections may be. Go to a specialty jean store instead, where you’re guaranteed to find great cowboy (or cowgirl) boots, while dealing with a top-notch staff who really know their stuff.

Never buy a shoe that doesn’t have at least a little wiggle room for the toes. Contrary to popular belief, the shoe does not have to be tight at the top. Also, look for a heel between a half inch and an inch, for maximum comfort no matter what the occasion.

Don’t be afraid to go to a thrift store to see if they have some good shoes at a price cheaper than retail. Many times people donate shoes simply because they didn’t like them and barely Wore them. You’ll save a lot of money doing this, and you never know what you’ll find!

When you go shoe shopping, bring a few pairs of socks if you wear different types of socks. This way, you’ll be able to test the fit with the different socks you’ll wear them with. A snug fit will help keep your feet pain-free while wearing the shoes you buy.

To keep the rest of your home nice, leave your shoes by the door when you walk in. Even if you just walk on concrete, your shoes collect dirt and other debris outside, and your carpet shows that dirt when you walk on it. Putting your shoes by the door makes everyone happier.

If you wear open shoes, get a pedicure. This advice applies to both men and women. You don’t want toenails growing too long and dry, crusty skin showing up where the world can see it. Spend a little money to get a professional pedicure or do one yourself at home.

Don’t buy heels so high you can’t walk in them. Sure, high heels look sexy on just about anyone, but if you wobble in them, it doesn’t look sexy at all. Try on the shoes at the shoe store, and if you’re a little unsteady, fight the urge to buy them.

With this list in hand, you’re ready to take on the world of shoe shopping. Consider how you will change your habits to make your trip successful. In the end, this article has given you the knowledge you need to succeed, so put your learning to good use and shop ’til you drop!

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